Terms of service


I provide estimates and quotes on all projects. While editing costs are fairly easy to predict given word and/or page count, the amount of time that it takes to design a book varies. I will do my best to estimate the amount of time that it will take to design your book. Any design times beyond the estimate will be sent to you for approval prior to work continuing.


  • 50% of payment based on estimate is due upon signing of contract.

  • Final payment for remaining amount must be made prior to printed books being handed over (you will get a sample copy to review though).

right to refusal

I reserve the right to refuse to continue work with anyone if it becomes clear that the relationship is untenable due to asks for additional free work outside of the agreed-upon scope of work, abusive behavior or language, or any behavior that makes me feel unsafe. Any monies paid at the moment of severance will be non-refundable and will be considered payment for services rendered up until moment of contractual severance.