I need to be passionate about the projects that I work on. Without that excitement, I am not fully present in the work, and the project will suffer as a result. Not all projects will be a fit, and I am only taking on a limited number of projects per quarter. See Topics for a non-exhaustive list of topics that currently get me excited. Below are a list of agreements that must be read and signed off on as part of the contract prior to any work beginning.


  • Quokka ushers your project from rough manuscript to a well-edited, beautifully designed book in hand.

  • The names J. K. Fowler and/or Nomadic Press will not appear anywhere within your final project.

  • The following will appear on the copyright page: “Ushered lovingly into this world through Quokka (www.quokkaconsulting.com).”

  • Once your project has been printed and placed in your hands, this will signal the end to your contract with Quokka. Any changes, subsequent editions, or questions will be treated as a separate project, I will charge for such, and I reserve the right to decline taking on any additional work.

  • If I decline to take on your project, this is not an indication that I do not value your work or you as a writer or person. I have very limited time and as a consequence, I need to be very selective with the projects I decide to take on. When I read samples sent to me, I am looking for that jolt of excitement, the “ooh” moment as this will keep me engaged with the project throughout its lifeline with me.

  • Any work that falls outside of the agreed-upon scope of work will incur an additional charge. I reserve the right to refuse this additional work.

  • All issues related to sales or promotion are yours and yours alone. There may be a time where I offer ongoing assistance with such things, but I do not offer these services at the moment.

  • Beyond the agreed-upon first printing, I can assist with further printings but only at an agreed-upon cost to you.

  • The Adobe InDesign files created by Quokka remain the property of Quokka, though the copyright of the content always remains the property of the author. At the completion of the project, you will be given two PDFs: one for the cover and one for the interior.

  • Quokka Consulting (“Quokka”), J. K. Fowler, and/or Nomadic Press are in no way responsible or in any way liable for any litigation that may arise from the publication of your project. All liability remains, in perpetuity, that of the author of the project.